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Groundwater Rising as Environmental Problem, Causes and Solutions: Case Study from Qus City, Qena, Egypt
Fathy A. Abdalla, Ismail S. Ismail, Ahmed Akawy, Abdelhady M. Alakraby, Gamal M. Kamal El-Din

Ecological and Phytochemical Studies on Some Species of Genus Amaranthus in the Nile Delta, Egypt
Ibrahim A. Mashaly, Mohamed E. Abu-Ziada, El-Sayed F. El-Halawany, and Gehan F. Masoud

Degradation of Synthetic Aromatic Textile Dyes by Native Bacteria Isolated from Textile Mill sites
Osama M. Darwesh, Wafaa M. Abd El-Rahim, Olfat S. Barakat, Mohamed Z. Sedik, and Hassan Moawad

Farmers’ Knowledge on Macadamia Genetic Diversity in Kenya as a Means for in situ Conservation
Lucy N. Gitonga, Esther M. Kahangi, Anne W.T. Muigai, Kamau Ngamau, Simon T. Gichuki, Evans Mutuma Wilson Cheluget, and Brown G.Watiki

Natural Resources Assessment of Wadi El-Gemal Basin, Red Sea, Egypt
Farrage M. Khaleal, Falham M. Oraby, Fathy A. Abdalla, and Mamdouh A. Hassan

Cryopreservation of Sperm in Red Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus)
W. E. Wan Khadijah*, K. Asmad and R. B. Abdullah

Current Status of the Flora of North Sinai: Losses and Gains
Wafaa M. Kamel, Mohamed S. Zaghloul*, Raafat H. Abd El-Wahab, and Abdel-Raouf A. Moustafa

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