Issue 1


Impact of Environment on the Diversity of Lepidopterous Insects
Abd EL-Fattah M. Amer, Marguerite A. Rizk and Aida K. Iskandar

Studies on the Ecology of Zooplankton Standing Crop of Sharm El-Maiya Bay,
Maher A. Aamer, Mohsen M. El-Sherbiny, Ali A-F. A. Gab-Alla, Mohammed M. A. Kotb

Assessment of Oil Pollution Situation in Sharm El-Maiya Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh South Sinai, Egypt
Rafat. M. Khattab, Tarek. A. Temraz, Mohamed. M. Kotb and Mahmoud H. Hanafy

Age and Growth of the Cockles Cerastoderma glaucum and Papyridea papyracea in Lake Timsah, Suez Canal
Samia H. Mohammad, Mahmoud E. Mohallal, Saad Z. Mohammed, and Mohamed N. Attia

Activity Rhythms of Barnacles as a Behavioural Bioindicator of Copper Pollution in Lake Timsah, Suez Canal, Egypt
laa El-Din A. Sallam, Mahi A. Ghobashy, Elham A. Elkhawass, and Abdel-Fattah A. Ghobashy

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