Issue 2


Microbial Diversity in Two Egyptian Soils
Said M. Badr El-Din, Samir M. Radwan, Moawad K. Zahra, and Wafaa M. H. Zidan

Genetic Relatedness among Six Common Phoenix dactylifera (Palmae) Cultivars
Hisham A. Deif, Mohamed A. Karam Mohamed S. Beltagi, and Hassan M. Hassan

Accelerating Textile Dye Bioremoval by Aeration
Wafaa M. Abd El-Rahim, Ola Ahmed M. El-Ardy, and Hassan Moawad

Non-chemical Control of Potato Early Blight Caused by Alternaria alternata
Omar Abdul Wahid, Ismail M. Ismail, and Ahmed M. Abo-Esha

Biodetermination of Plant Saponins Content by Using Trichoderma viride
Usama A. Mahalel, Mahmoud F. M. Moustafa and Soad A. El-Zayat

The Use of Frankia Spores As Inocula For Casuarina equisetifolia Plants
Waiel F. Sayed, Hamdi H. Zahran, and Wessam M. Salem

Response of Some Marjoram Cultivars to Fertilization under Sandy Soil Conditions
Kareem M. El Tobgy, Yaser A. Osman, and Hamdy K. Atta-Alla

Temporal Variation in the Epiphytes of Laurencia obtusa and Cystoseira myrica
Muhammad M. Hegazi, Abeer S. Amin, and Mona M. Gaballah

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