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Biodiversity of the Ground Spiders in Southern Area of Port Said Governorate, Egypt

By walaa on June 23,2008


 Abeer Shaban, Hisham El-Hinawy, Mohamed A. Bedir, Fayez M. Semida, Ahmed H. Abo-Ghalia and Iman M. Bahgat 


Ground spiders were sampled, by using pitfall traps, in a nested design from four different localities in the southern area of Port Said Governorate, through 15 months (from July 2004 to September 2005). The localities represented three different human impact activities (industrial, animal rearing and cultivated, in addition to control) through 15 months (from July 2004 to September 2005). Each locality was represented by two separated sampling sites (20X20 meters), and each site had twenty individual traps distributed systematically. Habitat characteristics and plant cover were clearly different among the four localities and to a less extent within localities. Species diversity did not significantly vary spatially; while it significantly varied temporally among the different localities during the study period. Both cultivated and animal rearing sites showed the highest diversity; while the industrial sites recorded the highest species richness. The different localities had distinct and characteristic groups of species responding to habitat characters.Keywords: biodiversity, Arachnids, spiders, human activities, species abundance, Port Said.

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