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Evaluation of the Biocontrol Activity of Different Trichoderma Formulations

By walaa on June 23,2008


 Omar A. Abdul Wahid, Abd El Wahid F. Moustafa, and Metwally R. Metwally 


Several natural organic products were tested for their capability to support the growth and sporulation of Trichoderma. These were pagass, rice straw, sawdust, peanut shell and whey. Rice straw gave the highest sporulation followed by sawdust. On the other hand, whey, which gave no spores when added to any of the aforementioned materials, increased the growth and sporulation. Spores viability of Trichoderma was measured at intervals of 10 days for two months. Field experiment revealed different responses of kidney bean plant to the treatment with these substrates. Trichoderma with rice straw were the most effective. It significantly reduced Sclerotinia rot disease and supported plant growth compared to control, and all other used materials. Pagass alone showed a great effect on plant vigor.Key words: Trichoderma, formulation, Phaseolus vulgaris, viability.


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