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Temporal Variation in the Epiphytes of Laurencia obtusa and Cystoseira myrica

By walaa on September 08,2008


Muhammad M. Hegazi, Abeer S. Amin, and Mona M. Gaballah  


Algal epiphytes were examined for 12 months at Shura El-Roweysia and several tidal levels on the shore of South Sinai dominated by Laurencia obtusa and Cystoseira myrica. Sixty seven species of the epiphytes were recorded (41 Bacillariophyta, 20 Cyanophyta, 3 Chlorophyta and 3 Pyrrhophyta). An inverse relationship between percentage cover of L. obtusa and their epiphytes were observed to be affected by desiccation stress due to frequent emersion of the intertidal flat and exposure to strong radiation, while high cover percentage of C. myrica was associated with the high number of epiphytes.Key words: Epiphytes, seaweeds, Laurencia obtusa, Cystoseira myrica, South Sinai, Red Sea.

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