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Biodetermination of Plant Saponins Content by Using Trichoderma viride

By walaa on September 08,2008


Usama A. Mahalel, Mahmoud F. M. Moustafa and Soad A. El-Zayat 


      The saponins contents of six Egyptian plants; Alhagi maurorum, Lippia nodiflora, Pergularia tomentosa, Spergularia marina, Tribulus terrestris and Zygophyllum album were biologically determined by using Trichoderma viride Pers. a sensitive fungus to saponins. Potato-glucose medium was used in culturing the fungus. The experiment revealed that the high value of saponins contents was recorded in Spergularia marina (6.06 mg/100 ml). Whereas, the minimum value was recorded in Lippia nodiflora and Alhagi maurorum (1.14 and 1.88 mg/100 ml, respectively). Key words: Trichoderma viride, Pergularia tomentosa, Spergularia marina, Alhagi maurorum, Lippia nodiflora, Zygophyllum album, saponins.

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