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Non-chemical Control of Potato Early Blight Caused by Alternaria alternata

By walaa on September 08,2008


Omar Abdul Wahid, Ismail M. Ismail, and Ahmed M. Abo-Esha  


      Early blight of potato caused by Alternaria alternata (Fries) Keissler is one of the factors that affect potato production. Using chemical control to reduce disease severity represent another risk for agriculture. Biological control, using microorganisms, as well as plant extract and compost are safe measures that give reliable control. Applying either measure of control reduced disease incidence to less than 2% during two successive seasons. Microbial spray of diseased potato reduced the disease to various extents. Trichoderma sp. was the most effective among all tested microorganisms, followed by Penicillium sp. On the other hand, alcoholic extract of three plants was more effective than their water extract. However, water extract showed highly significant reduction of disease incidence. Polygonum gave the highest reduction of disease incidence in both cases. Also water extract of compost greatly suppressed early blight when applied as spray to potato leaves. Duration of extraction may affect the ability of compost extract to suppress disease. All results were comparable to that of fungicides.Key words: Trichoderma, compost, plant extract, potato blight, non chemical control.

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