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Requirements and procedures when applying for a visa to Egypt

By walaa on June 10,2009


Requirements and procedures when applying for a visa to Egypt

Important Information:

1.    Single and Multiple Entry Visas are valid for 6 months and allow a maximum stay of 3 months in Egypt ONLY.

2.  A multiple entry visa is valid for one individual passport, and allows the applicant to travel more than once to Egypt.

3.    Only ONE visa is required if passport holder has children under 16 years old included on their passport. In this case, the children’s visa will be included on the parent’s visa.

4.  Children who have their own passports (including babies) will need their own visas.

5.    Business visa applications must be submitted with a letter from the Company stating the reasons of the visit.

6.    No vaccinations are required for tourists travelling from the U.K., but you can check with your G.P. for possible jab recommendations.

7.    EU & US Nationals are exempted from registration with the local police.

8.     Visitors who are from an Egyptian origin or are married to Egyptian have the right to obtain a multiple visa for free, providing us with the original documents confirming the status. Kindly note that no  photocopies will be accepted.

9.    There’s a limit of L.E. 5000, and $10000 or equivalent on the amount of cash carried to or from Egypt.

10.   All tourist enquiries and complaints not related to the issuance of visas, should be addressed to the Egyptian Tourist Office:       Tel: 02074935283  Email:

11.   Residency visas can only be obtained in Egypt.     

12.  Working permits are to be arranged by your employer in Egypt with the local authorities.    for more information  Click here                                

                            for more information  In  Arabic

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