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First record and redescription of Pontella princeps Dana, 1849 (Copepoda:Pontellidae) in the Red Sea with notes on its feeding habits

By Doaa Medany on August 15,2011



Mohsen M. El-Sherbiny

Marine Science Department, Suez Canal University, 41522 Ismailia, Egypt



During a regular plankton sampling programme around Sharm El-Sheikh area, a copepod Pontella

princeps Dana, 1849 (Calanoida: Pontellidae) was reported for the first time in the Red Sea water. Both

sexes were collected and fully redescribed. The zoogeographical distribution of the species confirms

that it is of Indo-Pacific origin. Gut contents analysis revealed that this species is a carnivore that feeds

on a variety of planktonic copepods.

Key words: Copepods, First record, Pontellidae, Pontella princeps, Egypt, Red Sea, Sharm El-Sheikh


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