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Micropropagation of Rumex vesicarius L. Through Shoot Tip Culture

By Doaa Medany on April 19,2012



Micropropagation of Rumex vesicarius L. Through Shoot Tip Culture

Abo El-soud I.H., AL-azab, A.A., Koriesh, E.M., and Atta-Alla, H. K *

           Horticulture Dept., Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, 41522, Ismailia, Egypt



Shoot tips of Rumex vesicarius L. were excised from in vitro seedlings and transferred for shoot multiplication into MS medium supplemented with various concentrations of 6-benzyladenin (BA) or Kinetin (Kin). After 4 weeks, shoot multiplication was best achieved from explants cultured on MS medium containing 8.88 μM BA, with an average of 11.0 shoots per explant. While, the shoot tips cultured on the medium containing 26.63 μM Kin produced 4.6 shoots per explant. For rooting, the proliferated shoots were cultured on rooting medium containing IBA or NAA at different rates. Root induction was successfully occurred on MS medium supplemented with 2.46µM IBA or 7.38µM NAA .The survival rate of transplants during acclimatization reached 87% and the plants grew normally under the greenhouse conditions.

Keywords: Rumex vesicarius, Micropropagation,  6-Benzyladenin (BA), Kinetin (Kin), Naphthalene acetic acid (NAA), Indole butyric acid (IBA).

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