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Systematic Review of the Papaveracea Adans. and Status of Some Genera

By ayman on June 08,2008

Wafaa K. Taia


This work deals with the systematic relations of family Papaveraceae according to the new data derived from molecular analysis. An overall view has been given to elucidate the taxonomic position of the family within the basal eudicots. Characteristic features of all the group has been given with clear view of the general features of the family and its taxonomic divisions. Complete list of the genera, as listed by Royal Botanical Gardens in Kew has been added with summary of the recent phylogenetic relationships of the family and its genera. Leaf and fruit morphological variations of 14 species belonging to Papaveraceae s.s., 7 species belonging to Fumariaceae s.s. and two species from Hypecoaceae s.s. have been studied to assess the new classification of the Papaveraceae s.l. with complete description of their morphological variations and their position according to the new classification of the family.

Keywords: Eudicots, Magnoliopsida, Papaveraceae, Phylogeny, Ranunculales, Taxonomy.

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