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Natural Resources Assessment of Wadi El-Gemal Basin, Red Sea, Egypt

By ayman on June 08,2008

Farrage M. Khaleal, Falham M. Oraby, Fathy A. Abdalla, and Mamdouh A. Hassan


Natural resources such as water, rocks, agricultural soil, flora, and fauna are very essential for any type of development. The present study deals with the natural resources in Wadi. El Gemal Basin (WGB). To achieve this goal, geomorphology, natural hazards and natural resources are investigated. From quantitative analysis of the drainage basin, the relief features of WGB are differentiated into second and third order features. Suitability of groundwater quality for different purposes was investigated by analysis of four water samples represent the whole water wells. The results of the hydrochemical analysis showed that water types are sodium-chloride in W. El Gemal and Hofifit wells and sodium-sulphate in Hafafit and Um Ghannam wells. Water wells of Um Ghannam and W. El Gemal are suitable for drinking and domestic purposes but after conducting microbiological analyse. The soil in the flat areas within the basin is very suitable for raising crops and trees. Construction materials in the form of sand and gravels are available in WGB. Natural vegetations such as Avicennia marina, etc., are growing widely in the area. The common fauna in WGB are reptiles, birds, mammals and scorpions. As a conclusion, WGB is a convenient location for settlement and developing programs in the Red Sea.

Keywords: Groundwater, Natural hazards, Natural resources, Wadi El Gemal, Water quality.

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