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Effect of Foliar Application with Some Micronutrients, Ascorbic Acid and Vitamin B complex on Leaf Nutrients Content, Fruiting and Fruit Quality of Anna Apple Trees

By walaa on June 15,2008


Salwa A. Khafagy 


      Anna apple trees of 15 years old budded onto MM 106 rootstock grown in clay soil, were sprayed during2005 and 2006 seasons with Zn, Mn and Fe sulfate at 1.0% as well as Boric acid at 400 ppm, Ascorbicacid at 1000 ppm and Vitamin B complex at 100 ppm. The trees received three sprays in March, Apriland May. Leaf nutrient contents, fruiting and fruit quality parameters were recorded. Spraying withFeSO4, Boric acid and Vitamin B complex increased leaf N and P. Also, all treatments under studyincreased leaf Fe, Zn and Mn content while all tested treatments produced a considerable increase in fruitset, yield number of fruits and fruit weight and decrease in fruit drop parameters. Generally, Boric acid,Ascorbic acid and Vitamin B complex treatments were superior than the other treatments and control.Meanwhile, spraying the trees with Ascorbic acid or Vitamin B complex was more effective in increasingTSS, acidity, total sugar and starch as compared with the other used treatments and the control.Keywords: Foliar application, micronutrients, rootstock, leaf nutrients content, fruiting and fruitquality.

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