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Species Diversity and Habitat Distribution of Fishes in Sharm El-Maiya Bay,Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea

By walaa on June 15,2008


 Magdy A. Alwany, Mahmoud H. Hanafy, Mohammed M. Kotb and Ali A-F A. Gab-Alla  


          The fish assemblages of different habitats in Sharm El-Maiya Bay, Sharm El-Sheikh, Red Sea, wereexamined by visual census technique. Fish communities were estimated for each different habitat (coralpatches, seagrasses, muddy substrate and coral reefs). A total of 155 fish species representing 98genera were counted. Coral reef habitat had the highest number of species (146 species), while themuddy habitat had the lowest number (6 species). The highest average abundance was recorded at coralpatch habitat (1014 fish/1000 m3), with the lowest value at muddy habitat (64 fish/1000 m3). Mostindividuals belonged to the Mullidae, followed by the Pomacentridae, Chaetodontidae, Labridae,Serranidae and Acanthuridae. The highest diversity of fishes was recorded on the coral reef areas. Thishabitat has nearly all fish families (36 families). Sparidae and Mullidae were more abundant at seagrasshabitats inside the Sharm El-Maiya Bay more than other habitats. Corallivores were less abundant atthe seagrass and muddy habitats than on fringing coral reefs and coral patches. In general, both theherbivores and invertebrate-feeder fishes are the most abundant in the Sharm El-Maiya Bay. Theyrepresent 42.2 % of total fish population in the study area.

Key words: fish abundance, habitats, diversity, Red Sea, Egypt.

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