we Lost a Real Friend  What hard day without Dr kassem
Dec 15,2013 00:00 by eses

we Lost a Real Friend 

What hard day without Dr.  Kassem, this is the first event without Dr. Kassem. Our society lost a great loss. We lost a brave man, sincere man and good friend for every body in the society. It's the life some days harsh, some days good- but it's the life and life goes on. Dr.Kassem taught us a lot of lessons during his life, how to work hard, how to help others, how to do things perfectly, how to give others all needs and get nothing in return. He gave us lots of great lessons in all activities during conferences, showed us how to respect other opinions, how to compromise between groups, how to co-operate with every younger colleague, how to be helpful and sincere to all surround him in this life.

Dr. Kassem forget his life and  enjoyed all his life helping others, he  forget completely his life and  he thoughts that was and will be the meaning of happiness. But he never thought that was and will be the meaning  of happiness. But he never thoughts that would be the  happiness to  feel it and enjoy the feeling of  that. Dr. Kassem was like a tree in the desert give others shadows, shelter, food and protection but never think about happiness or then to real needs. Dr. Kassem you left us, yes you left us but your spirit still between us never leave. We still need you, we need your nice and sincere thoughts, your advices and your keen feeling to do thing in right way.

As usual Dr. Kassem refused to leave without saying Hello for everybody, saying happy feast for every body, he also was trying to say Hello.... I'm leaving, I'm leaving to a better place, to heaven"if god is willing". He thoughts about his consolation should be different, so he insist to share every thing with us, Dr. Kassem always will be with us.

But still I miss this man very much, he was areal friend and never forget him.

Raouf Moustafa